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Our Sectors

Harvest Work
Molten Metal in Foundry
Land Mining


We provide clients with an extensive range of hedging, risk management and market advice such as customized investment & hedging strategies, and investment solutions based on agricultural futures and commodity indices. Products include: Cocoa, Coffee, Cotton, Corn, Palm Oil, Soybeans (incl. bean & bean oil), Sugar (raw and refined) and Wheat.


We provide consumer & producer clients with market analysis, trading views and associated risk management solutions in precious & base metals. Products covered include: Aluminium, Copper, Zinc and Nickel.


Our solution enables users to access to physical and financial coal markets on a global basis covering European, Asian and North American markets.

IndoChina Commodities provides an aggregated view of all major OTC broker and exchange prices on a single screen, facilitating best market execution from the top of the stack and maximises access to liquidity in all the principal coal trading venues. We are the preferred trading platform for banks, utilities, resource companies and funds.

Our solutions maximise the efficiency of cross-commodity spread trading (with asset classes including power, gas, emissions and freight), enabling cross-broker price optimisation and minimisation of legging risk.

STP clearing on financial coal instruments is available through multiple venues.

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